from the personal collection of Harold and Phil Edminster

In remembrance of SoM3c Earl E. Edminster, USNR

and his shipmates who were
killed in action aboard the
on 25 October 1944
during the Battle Off Samar

The following personal letter from Earl E. Edminster to his mother is transcribed from a copy of the original and is posted below with the permission of his brothers Harold and Phil Edminster.  Earl E. Edminster was 18 years old when he gave his life for his country.

USS JOHNSTON (DD 557) May 14, 1944

Dearest Mom,

This letter is special for you.  Today was Mother's Day and about all I can do is write you a extra special letter.  I've been thinking of you mom every day.  Guess there's lots of guys just finding out how wonderful their mothers are.  I am remembering all the fine things you have done for me.  I won't say thanks because that wouldn't be enough.  I'll try my damnedest to make you proud to have me as a son.  That will be my thanks to you mom.

I sure love your letters.  They tell more news and stuff like that that I really want to hear about than anybody else's letters.   You write the most interesting letters I've ever received.  It's just like talking to you.  That's the way I like them too.  I hope that you like my letters they can't be very interesting because its so hard to write about something that they won't cut out. 

We had a good dinner today - get a good one every Sunday.  There was pork and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, lemon aid and mince meat pie.  It tasted good but after 13 months of navy cooking I still miss ma's cooking.

Well it's late and I have the 4 to 8 watch so I'd better hit the sack.  Say mom don't worry about me I'm okay and will stay that way.   There is nothing here to be worried about.  I love you mom.  And I'm looking forward to your next letter.

                                   All my love,

Earl E. Edminster

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