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I do fully support all TU 77.4.3 survivor associations. 

I consider myself in excellent standing with all of the Taffy III Survivor Associations and do appreciate their support.

I, Robert Jon Cox, have officially been designated as the TAFFY III - 77.4.3 - WW II, Inc. Webmaster. 

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I do not support the Board of Governors of the Escort Carrier Sailors and Airmen Association.  Please read this.

Contributors & Copyright Notices

All material posted on BOSAMAR.COM is copyrighted by Robert Jon Cox.  Refer to the copyright notice posted on the bottom of each page.

The magnificent lithograph of the sinking escort carrier GAMBIER BAY, is copyrighted material, used by permission. UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Hence, "FREEDOM'S COST" by Richard C. Moore, COPYRIGHT © 1989 BY USS GAMBIER BAY (CVE 73) & AIR GROUP VC-10 ASSN. INC OF OHIO, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, is used by the gracious permission of the afore-mentioned organization, notably through the kindness and generosity of Mr. Tony Potochniak, crewmember, survivor, Vice-President, and Historian of the USS GAMBIER BAY (CVE 73) & AIR GROUP VC-10 ASSN. INC of Ohio. Thanks a ton Tony!   Your longstanding guidance, understanding, support, and friendship is greatly appreciated!

The superb lithograph of the sinking escort carrier ST LO, is copyrighted material, used by permission. UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Hence, "THE END OF A FIGHTING SHIP" by Richard C. Moore, COPYRIGHT © U.S.S. ST LO CVE63/VC65 ASSOCIATION, is used by the permission of the afore-mentioned organization. Permission for its use on this home page was obtained through the governing board of the USS ST LO (CVE 63) & VC 65 ASSOCIATION. My sincere thanks to the ST LO & VC 65 Association!

The poem "Echoes from off Samar," is copyrighted material, used by permission. UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Hence, "Echoes from off Samar" by Evan Hollis Crawforth, (Copyright © 1994 Evan Hollis Crawforth. All rights reserved), is used by permission of the copyright owner. Mr. Crawforth is a crewmember, survivor, and President of the USS ST LO (CVE 63) & AIR GROUP VC-65 Association. Thank you for your outstanding contribution and support Holly!

The article "In Harm's Way," is copyrighted material, used by permission. UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Hence, "In Harm's Way" by Leonard D. Ash and Martin Hill, is reprinted with permission of the authors. All rights reserved. Leonard D. Ash is a San Diego-based journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines in the United States and the Far East. Martin Hill is a newspaper editor and freelance writer who served in both the Coast Guard and Navy Reserve.

The article "USS PC 623 crewmen recall TAFFY 3 rescue," is used by permission. Hence, ""USS PC 623 crewmen recall TAFFY 3 rescue" by LT Allison M. Levy, is reprinted with the permission of Mr. Mark Matyas, Editor of the Patrol Craft Sailors Association.

LCDR Robert W. Copeland's Navy Cross citation and GM3c Paul Henry Carr's Silver Star Medal citation from the book "Little Wolf at Leyte," by J. Henry Doscher, Jr. are used by permission of the author.  In his detailed account "Little Wolf at Leyte," Captain Doscher vividly tells the story of destroyer escort USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS (DE 413) at Samar.  A must-read book written with great insight into the short life of the greatest DE in the Pacific theater.  Thank you for your generosity Captain!

The dramatic lithograph of escort carrier GAMBIER BAY under fire, "The Final Hour", is copyrighted material, used by permission. UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Hence, "The Final Hour" by C. G. Evers, COPYRIGHT © 1976 UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE, is used by the gracious permission of the afore-mentioned organization.  Permission for its use on this web site was obtained via the past President of TAFFY III - 77.4.3 - WW II, Inc., the late Henry "Hank"  A. Pyzdrowski.  Written authorization from the USNI is dated 11 March 1998 and is in the possession of the Webmaster.  My sincere appreciation is extended to the USNI and Hank Pyzdrowski!  Thank you very much!

The poem "The Battle off Samar" is copyrighted material, used by permission. UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Hence, "The Battle off Samar" by Lynn L. Redfern, copyright © 1996 is used by the permission of the author.  

The naval artwork "USS KALININ BAY (CVE 68)" by Steve Nuttall is copyrighted material, used by permission.  UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Steve Nuttall 2004, WalNut Productions.  Thank you Steve!

My Online Book: "The Battle Off Samar - Taffy III at Leyte Gulf"

My online-book, "The Battle Off Samar - Taffy III at Leyte Gulf", Second Edition, Copyright © 2001 by Robert Jon Cox, is copyrighted material owned by me, Robert Jon Cox.  UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  All rights reserved.


Per the above notice, as it applies to the internet, violation of copyright includes, but is not limited to:

•Any bookmark leading to this presentation must start at the "warning page".

•Bypassing the warning page is a violation of copyright.

Copyrighted material

Portions of this web site contain copyrighted material. This material is used under the "fair use" guidelines, explained below.

To the best of my knowledge, all copyrighted material used on this site without the permission of the copyright owner, is limited to:

•"They had us on the ropes" by RADM C.A.F. Sprague and LT P.H. Gustafson, first published in American Magazine, April 1945.

•"Small boys - intercept!" from "The Battle as I saw it", by CDR A.T. Hathaway, first published in American Magazine, April 1945.

All other copyrighted material used on this site is used by permission, where noted.

Please direct any inquiries regarding the copyrighted material, used on this site, to the Webmaster.

Fair Use

"What is 'fair use'?' as it applies to copyright mentioned above

In any analysis of copyright, it's important to remember the law's constitutional purpose: to promote science and the useful arts. "Fair use" is a doctrine that permits courts to avoid rigid application of the copyright statute when to do otherwise would stifle the very creativity that copyright law is designed to foster. The doctrine of fair use recognizes that the exclusive rights inherent in a copyright are not absolute, and that non-holders of the copyright are entitled to make use of a copyrighted work that technically would otherwise infringe upon one or more of the exclusive rights. Although fair use originated "for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, ...scholarship, or research," it also applies in other areas, as some of the examples below illustrate. However, courts seem more willing to accept an assertion of fair use when the use falls into one of the above categories.

Perhaps more than any other area of copyright, fair use is a highly fact-specific determination. Copyright Office document FL102 puts it this way: "The distinction between 'fair use' and infringement may be unclear and not easily defined. There is no specific number of words, lines, or notes that may safely be taken without permission. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission."

This supersedes all previous notices.

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