Dedicated to the men who manned the ships
and the embarked composite squadrons
of Task Unit 77.4.3 (Taffy III)
on October 25, 1944


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These abbreviations are used throughout the website
and my Online Book (opens in a separate window)
For Rank and Rate Abbreviations go here
AA Anti Aircraft 
A/C Author's Comment 
ADM Admiral 
AKA Also Known As 
AP Armor Piercing
ASP Anti Submarine Patrol 
BATDIV Battleship Division 
BB Battleship 
CA Cruiser (heavy) 
cal caliber (gun)
CAP Combat Air Patrol 
CAPT Captain
CARDIV Carrier Division
CDR  Commander 
CL Light Cruiser 
CF Centre Force 
CIC Combat Information Center
CO Commanding Officer 
CO2 Carbon dioxide
COM Commander
CPO Chief Petty Officer 
CRUDIV Cruiser Division 
CTF Commander Task Force
CTG Commander Task Group
CTU Commander Task Unit
CV Aircraft (fleet) Carrier 
CVL Light Carrier
CVE Escort Carrier
DD Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort
DESRON Destroyer Squadron 
DP Dual purpose (gun)
DRT Dead Reckoning Trace
DY Dockyard
E East
ENS Ensign 
F Fahrenheit
F Full (displacement)
F6F Hellcat Fighter plane (Grumman)
FD A type of surface radar
FEAF Far East Air Force
FM A type of chemical Smoke
FM2 Wildcat Fighter plane (General Motors)
FS A type of chemical smoke
GHQ General Headquarters (Japanese)
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GP General purpose (gun)
GQ General Quarters
HIJMS  His Imperial Japanese Majesty's Ship
I India time zone (GMT +9)
IFD Type of communications network
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
LCDR Lieutenant Commander
LCI Landing Craft Infantry
LT Lieutenant
MK Mark
N Normal (displacement)
N North
NE Northeast
NM Nautical miles
NW Northwest
NY Naval Yard
oa overall
PC Patrol Craft
pp between perpenddiculars
RADM Rear Admiral
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RPT Repeat
S South
S Standard (displacement)
SAP Semi-Armor-Piercing (bomb)
SC A type of American air warning radar
SCR Set, Complete, Radio
SE Southeast
SG A type of American surface search radar
SK A type of American surface search radar
SS Submarine
SSE South-southeast
SW Southwest
T True (bearing)
T1 Taffy 1
T2 Taffy 2
T3 Taffy 3
TBF Torpedo Bomber (Grumman)
TBM Torpedo Bomber (General Motors)
TBS Talk Between Ship
TCAP Target Combat Air Patrol
TF Task Force
TG Task Group
TT Torpedo tubes
TU Task Unit
USN United States Navy
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USS United States Ship
VADM Vice Admiral
VC Composite Squadron
VF Fighter plane/squadron designation
VHF Very High Frequency
VT Torpedo plane/squadron designation 
W West
WGT Westinghouse Geared Turbine (type of DE)
wl waterline
Z Zulu time zone (GMT)
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